April Docs


  • We will conclude review of our current by-laws at the May 7th regular meeting. To date, the biggest hurdle associated with approving the by-laws is the 50% plus 1 quorum requirement policy 1.7 seeks to add:
  • FTF By laws 3.5.15 (DRAFT)


1) Facilities Task Force spreadsheet reconciliation of ADEFP to AADEFP:

2) Link to 4/14/15 School Board agenda item (Noon to 4 p.m.)

3) District response to schedule DEFP-related schedule request:

Sunshine Law Manual

Program Manager RFPs:

QSEC/Policy 7003

Boundary Process:

Hallandale Proposal – Update: Proposal sought to switch Hallandale adult education center with Gulfstream middle in order to create a Hallandale K – 8, address potential overcrowding at Halladale Elementary, and increase enrollment of the elementary to middle feeder pattern. Outstanding issues such as parking, costs, and other considerations will be reviewed in the coming year and proposal is likely to come forward at the boundary process.

Ms. Murray read a statement at the Wednesday, April 8, 2015 Public Hearing II requesting board vote down the proposal:


Please also see the district followup memo from Chief Portfolio Officer Leslie M. Brown:

PH1 Followup Memo






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