Membership of the Facilities Task Force shall be delineated as follows:

  1. District Advisory Council: One (1) elected representative.
  2. Area Advisory Council: One (1) elected representative from each area.
  3. Broward County Council of PTAs: Four (4) elected representatives.
  4. Business/Industry: Three (3) representatives.
  5. Community: One (1) community representative from each Innovation Zone.
  6. Diversity Committee: One (1) elected representative.
  7. League of Cities: Three (3) elected representatives.
  8. School Board Members: One (1) appointee residing in said Board

Member’s District to represent each School Board Member. (Policy 1.7)

  1. Community-at-Large: Four (4) representatives
  2. One Principal representative from each: elementary, middle and high school.
  3. One (1) ESE Advisory Council Representative
  4. One (1) Federation of Public Employees (FOPE)
  5. One (1) Broward Teachers Union (BTU)
  6. School Board Staff (non-voting): Representatives from the Division of

Facilities and Construction Management, Comptroller’s Office,

Education Technology Services, Maintenance Department,

Management/Facility Audits, Risk Management and Safety, and other staff, as appropriate.

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