5/4/17 Agenda

ADDEDRSM Quarterly PM Evaluation – March 2017050317 Response from S Meloni regarding RSM report

Please see FTF Agenda_050417 for additional details.

This month we will elect officers for the 2017-18 school year. We will also look at the status and issues related to capital projects such as Nova HS and Gulfstream Academy.

Our most significant new business centers around 5/2/17 board item JJ-7, Amendment of Program Manager – Owner’s Representative Services Agreement – Heery International, Inc. – RFQ No. 15-115C (Supporting Docs). The timing of this request seems premature, given we don’t know the status our February request–which the board appeared to have acted upon–for an external performance evaluation of the two program managers.

In other words, it is curious staff would request fee changes on the basis that Heery has performed work outside the scope of the original agreement when it has yet to be verified that they performed all the work within the scope of the original agreement. Furthermore, the request raises the question of whether the items identified as being outside the scope are in fact outside the scope. While Heery has certainly taken on more volume in terms of the number of projects due to the absence of a second owner’s rep program manager, any claims of a percentage increase due to a change in scope should be reviewed and verified before any final action is taken.

We will attempt to compare Heery’s original fee schedule, scope, and org chart from 8/19/15 with the proposed changes.

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