June 2, 2016 Meeting

OneNote Documents

BCPS FACILITIES TASK FORCE                                               
Plantation High School Media Center ·  6901 NW 16th St, Plantation, FL 33313
REGULAR MEETING 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.
Policy Subcommittee 6:30 p.m.

  1. Call to order
  2. Introductions
  3. Approve Minutes – May 2016
  4. Old business
    1. Nominating Committee update
    2. Maintenance (PPO) see CAFR for budget to actual (p. 10 and 11) – 6/16 audit committee
    3. CM at Risk Contract
      1. Audit Committee update – McGladrey Review vs Miami-Dade/ special meeting TBA
      2. Upcoming use of CM at Risk Contract – Blanche Ely, Northeast, Stranahan
    4. Request to district: Comparison between program manager costs and staff–did the district save time and money by outsourcing Facilities? Part of any decision making process is evaluating the outcome of the decision and incorporating feedback into future plans
    5. Plantation HS portable issue (wiring)referred to TAC – update needed
    6. $100K School Choice Enhancement – process, procedures – files added to FTF website – District?
    7. FTF Concerns – June 2014; Goals 2015-16 – Compile to Chief Facilities Officer – see OneNote
  5. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Mold and lead paint issues – Bob Krickovich
  6. Bond Oversight Committee Update (see BOC website for agendas and minutes)
  7. QSEC Dates – Designees needed (See OneNote for Dates)
    1. June and July dates from Heery – Need designees
    2. Need prequalification meeting designees
  8. 2016-17 Proposed Organizational Chart
    1. Executive Director, Facilities and PPO (Exhibit 2, pg. 9)
    2. Procurement positions (Exhibit 2, pg. 17)
  9. Capital Budget/Needs Assessment/Cost Controls
    1. 2014-15 pre-bond DEFP project update
    2. Request for $15.9 million additional funding for Cypress Bay, Falcon Cove, and Flanagan portable replacements (57% increase)
    3. Validation of project prioritization (how did schools with roof priorities of 1 fall behind schools with lower priority roofs—ex Plantation HS vs. Piper and Cypress Bay—see handout and email to School Board)
  10. Other Discussions
    1. Facilities Task Force member resignation letter
    2. Board Item B-1 from 5/17/16: Board Member’s Request to Draft a Policy Regarding a Mechanism to Provide Inspector General Services
    3. Any other business

2015-16 Tentative Meeting Dates/Locations (unless otherwise notified) 

Plantation High School Media Center: July and Special meeting dates TBA

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