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3/3/16 Agenda

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  1. Call to order
  2. Introductions
  3. Approve Minutes – 1/7/16; 2/4/16
  4. Procurement/QSEC Update
    1. Meeting Dates Need designee for 4/5/16 Coral Springs HS
    2. Procurement issues (see prior emails to/from Chief Strategy & Operations Officer Maurice Woods); procurement director and manager hired 2/9/16; review timeline
    3. Feedback from Design Build/Professional Services QSEC meetings
      1. Blanche Ely Design Build
        1. Compared needs assessment to budget scope when reviewing RFPs/RFQs
        2. Budget insufficient for scope; district will need to prioritize; Request Atkins reconcile/validate scope for Stranahan/Northeast/Blanche Ely and attend April FTF meeting to speak to potential impact on $30M/yr projected increase in tax revenue
      2. Scoring – MWBE and Design Build cost
      3. Professional Design Services RFQs – Scope validation report (cost analysis, maintenance); scheduling workload
  1. Construction Delivery Methods – BCPS Capital Program – Rob Corbin, Heery
  2. Maintenance (PPO) – see CAFR for budget to actual (p. 10 and 11); Request staff again for April
  3. Old/Other Business
    1. Request Final Quarterly Update from URS
    2. Request to district: Comparison between program manager costs and staff–did the district save time and money by outsourcing Facilities? Part of any decision making process is evaluating the outcome of the decision and incorporating feedback into future plans
    3. Portable Demolition Schedule – Plantation issue (wiring)
    4. Policy 7003/7003.1 committee report
    5. Bond Oversight Committee Update (see BOC website for agendas and minutes)
    6. Cafeteria analysis – Workshop planned for April
    7. $100K School Choice Enhancement – process, procedures – Need to add files to website
    8. Nominating Committee – Update
    9. FTF Concerns – June 2014; Goals 2015-16 – Compile to Chief Facilities Officer
    10. Inspector General – research
    11. Any other business – District toner cartridge spending


2015-16 Tentative Meeting Dates/Locations (unless otherwise notified) 

Plantation High School Media Center Apr.7, May 5, Jun. 2