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School Construction Program History

Read 1997 article, Grand Jury to launch hearings on school construction program

Facilities Task Force History

Task Force Facing Internal Repairs

School Construction Watchdog Needs More Bite, Broward Board Members Say

Sun Sentinel August 13, 1998
|By BILL HIRSCHMAN Education Writer

A citizens’ group that is supposed to serve as a watchdog over the Broward School Board’s much-maligned construction program might resurface as a far more influential group reporting directly to the board.

Eleven years ago, the Facilities Task Force was the taxpayer’s watchdog over Broward’s $1.4 billion school construction program and was consulted about which schools should be built first. Continue reading

May 7th Meeting

In addition to finishing our by-laws, this month’s meeting focuses on two related issues 1) providing input into the revision of Policy 7003 (QSEC) and 2) staff interpretations of Policy 7003 as it relates to the selection of program managers and design-build professional services.

Program Manager Selection
On April 9th we passed a unanimous motion requesting a legal opinion by April 30th from general counsel regarding the applicability of 7003 to the selection of the two types of program managers who will be responsible for managing the $800 million bond program. The request for a legal opinion came after months of debate between the Facilities Task Force and Chief Facilities Officer Derek Messier. Messier maintains using QSEC to select the program managers would be a violation of board policy as the terms “program manager” or “program management” do not specifically appear in the policy. In suggesting that the absence of those terms should not preclude QSEC from being the program manager selection committee, the Task Force has reviewed state statute, board policy, past practice, services being procured, the definitions of those services, and the composition of the two different committees.

As of May 6th, we’ve received no response.  RFP proposals for both types of program managers are due May 11th, with shortlisting scheduled for three days later on May 14th. Continue reading