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This month we welcome the district’s Environmental Health & Safety team to discuss improvements being made to processes related to the health and safety of students, teachers, and staff–such as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

One of the challenges faced by Environmental Health & Safety is that both their department–which is responsible for identifying health and safety issues and prescribing the remedy for such issues–reports to the same chief executive (Facilities Chief Leo Bobadilla) as do the departments responsible for executing the remedy–PPO and/or some combination of the program managers and facilities staff. This lack of separation of duties between the departments creates a situation where one person–Leo Bobadilla–is responsible for ensuring health and safety issues are identified and resolved.  Is it possible to hold oneself accountable for not resolving issues in a timely manner?

This month’s agenda includes a link to BTU’s mold survey results. Over 700 teachers responded to the survey. We’ll look at whether schools today are reporting the same issues reported in the 2002 Grand Jury report, especially those management claimed were resolved in the 2012 Internal Audit followup report.


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